News Analysis

News analysis for scholar to understand the issues in a better way.

Sports Journalism

Sports journalism is a type of composing that provides details regarding brandishing themes and rivalries. Sports journalism is the fundamental component of numerous news media associations. Sports journalists consistently face […]

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Women Politics

Women in politics in the cutting edge time are underrepresented in many nations around the world. Ladies have insufficient open doors in social interest, particularly in taking a stab at political rights and power in the administration and diverse institutions. This verifiable inclination still perseveres, in spite of the fact […]

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Digital Media

Digital media can be made, seen, circulated, changed and saved on advanced hardware gadgets. Digital media frequently appears differently in relation to print media. This type of media has a […]

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Fake News

Fake news is a kind of sensationalist reporting or purposeful publicity that comprises of intentional disinformation or deceptions spread by means of customary print and communicate news media or online […]

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Social media encourages you interface up with individuals everywhere throughout the world. The positive impact of online networking on kids incorporates, adapting new things, interface with more distant family and […]

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What is time? The passing seconds, hours and days? The past, the present and the future? We do not exactly know, yet. But the concept of time has been around […]

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