Mental Health: Best ways to take care of it

Mental Health problems have persisted for a long time. However, in the context of India, mental health problems were only being highlighted, and precautions to take care of them were only started to be given in the contemporary context.

Mental health is defined as the well-being of the state of mind of a person. The sanity of a person is measured in terms of mental health. The more sane and cheerful the person is, the better their mental health is doing. If the person is depressed and has feelings of sorrow, fear, or so on in the presence or absence of such emotion-causing factors, the person is said to be having mental issues.

The prevalent notion is that mental issues lead to insanity. However, this is not always the case. The word “mental” has been vilified by society. Its original meaning was lost and was replaced with the meaning of “insanity.” This notion is being slowly changed by society by the rising number of counselors and therapists.

How does one take care of their mental health?

Mental health is just as important as a person’s physical health. It is directly connected with physical health as well. Any imbalance with one will affect the other. Keeping one’s physical and mental health is the key to a good lifestyle. Here are a few points on how to take care of your mental health.

  • Know what stresses you out: Knowing what stresses you out is winning half the battle. It may be exams, confrontation, or anything. Knowing what stresses you out will help you recognize those fears or anxiety and handle them better. For example, if you have a fear of examination, the best way to overcome it is to continuously take a lot of mock tests to familiarise yourself with the examination conditions. Similarly, know that each problem has a solution. If you are stressing out, figure out what is causing your stress and strike the problem at its root.
  • Talk to your friends or family: The best way to overcome and keep your mental health in top condition is to socialize. This may include talking to friends, hanging out with them, or talking to your family members. You can only indulge your secrets to those who are close to you. Hence, talk to your friends if you are facing any mental health issues. If you have depression or anxiety, tell your friends, they will be able to help you out and cheer you up. Know that there will be people out there to help you overcome the challenges.
  • Exercise: Exercising will release endorphins which make your body feel ecstatic and happy. This not only keeps your physical health in the top condition but will also keep your mental health good as well. It has been found out that exercising has helped a lot of people suffering from depression. People who worry about their physical appearance are more likely to fall into depression. Hence, it is advisable to hit the gym and lift weights to keep both your physical and mental health good.
  • Seek out things that you like: If you are a person who loves to dive into the fantasy worlds of books, please do so. It will help you out a lot. It will give your mind a much-needed break from reality, and you will feel more refreshed once you are done. You could also watch your favorite movie or TV series, whichever you like more. Doing things that make you happy will increase your mental health. It will be much better if you can seek out things that make you excited and happy. In most of our lives, we seek out things that never make sense in the end. That is why it is important to learn new things that you like and do things you love.
  • Meet a therapist: If things are really bad and you feel like you are in a constant pit of despair every single moment of your life. It would be best to approach a therapist, who will then guide you and help you out tremendously. Do not fear that you had to resort to this. This is the only best solution to taking care of your mental health.

Mental problems plague most of us. The only thing that defines a person is how they can overcome those problems effectively and bring out a better person from within themselves.

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