Business Development | Skills to become a Business developer

Business Development

The work of forming strategic opportunities for a business or the place you are working at is known as Business Development. It includes giving ideas or generating for the company/business to grow. It can be by increasing sales and making a profit to the organization by building strategic partnerships and building business decisions.
I have worked as an intern as a business developer, and my work was to generate sales for the educational organization. Since I was a college student and was confident to get the clients and soon I was hired. I generated 4-5 sales within a span of 1 month and also got paid. As my first internship, I was happy to work as a BD (business developer) and get paid as well. During my internship as a business developer, I worked under an HR (human resource), the work of HR is to recruit skillful business developers, screening and provide training to the job applicants benefiting the company. Working under HR is telling him/her about everyday tasks done to grow the business. I still remember my HR daily used to keep track of all the recruiters and asking them if they made any sales.

Skills to become a Business developer:

1. Firstly a person with good marketing skills can attain this internship/job.
2. Convincing people faster is the ability to get a person to your side and make them do what you ask.
3. Make people trust you, this is a quality of a BD. But yes never lie to your client that he would regret it in the future, be transparent and tell them the pros and cons that are real and not made just for your benefit to get clients.

business developer

Roles of a Business Developer:

1. Business expansion
Remember you get hired only because they saw an ability in you to expand business benefitting them.

2. Get them Clients
The sale means getting them sales who will pay for the services, it may include generating sales by selling courses of the organization profiting the company. Sales are having one-to-one conversations with the clients and asking them to participate in the organization and telling them about all the services they will be getting after they pay for the organization.

3. Client service and experience
This is a very important role that is after you generate clients and get sales done asking about feedback is very important. Asking the client his/her experience is the same as winning the hearts of the client and will also profit you later as it may help you to understand the flaws done before and now you will be sure not to repeat them.

4. Strategic Initiatives
Make strategies, a step-by-step procedure to generate sales and business to grow.

5. Market Development
Market Development includes growing business to the highest extent you can.

6. Marketing
As discussed earlier it is the skill required for you to get into the job of a business developer. Marketing is everything doesn’t matter how big or small a company is, a person with good marketing skills can uplift the organization the way nobody else can.

The goal of a Business Developer:
• To make Business better.
• Generate revenue profit from market
• Compete with other businesses
• Business expansion

How much do Business developers earn?
The average salary for a business developer is 19,925 per month in India.
Also if you have the capability to grow the business more your salary could be up to 1.5 lakh/month
A career as a business can be tough and challenging but with time you learn all the tactics and realize that the work all depends on your skills.

Turn your career in a better way:

Do not wait for the other opportunity and grab if you really think you deserve to be a good business developer. Apply to internships on Internshala and many online platforms like Internshala and gain experience to learn how the work is done which will help you to attain a good business developer job at a good salary.

All the best!