Reading Books | Benefits of reading books

Reading Books

Reading books is considered one of the best hobbies. It not only provides knowledge but apart from this it also develops the way we see the world. Keeping our minds active and develops the thought process of a human. Books can be storybooks, encyclopedias, biographies, novels, or any coursebook. An individual can find books from libraries or any bookstore. It develops our thoughts to providing us knowledge.

Benefits of Reading Books:

There are multiple reasons why you should start reading book, some of them are enlisted below:


  1. Develops your vocabulary:

Books will be very helpful if really wish to improve your English along with learning new words. Spending daily reading 2 pages are advised. Imagine if you even start learning 2 new words daily then at the end of the month you will remember 60 new words which really developing your brain. I still remember when I was indulged in reading Alchemist written by Paulo Coelho (foreign writer), as it was my first book I was reading I found it tough to get myself with the understanding of the new words which were almost coming in every new line. Ah! But thanks to the dictionary which helped me to cover my book.

Here are some points you should remember while reading your book:

  • Underline the new words, and write their meaning behind them (in case if the word repeats, then you know its meaning)
  • Make a small diary where you can involve all the new words you got from the book, and remember revising it in a day or two.


  1. Increases focus:

Yes, you read that right books are helpful in increasing our focus. How do you feel if you are reading a book deeply and someone starts interrupting you? You would definitely be in anger but still will ignore and shift to any other place where you can start reading again.


  1. Develops good communication:

Reading books can genuinely build good communication skills among the reader. Learning new words and implementing them in your daily life will not only improve your English skills but also repeating those sentences will tell you that how can you start using new words and form multiple sentences in different ways.


  1. Reduce stress:

A calm place, a good book, and a comfortable seat (maybe a bed, if you love reading before sleeping), what a deadly combination. According to studies and research, it is found that reading books will gradually reduce your stress and the main reason is that you forget and dive deep while reading. Doesn’t matter if it is a fictional book or any other, you start feeling the book and start relating it with your life.


  1. Keeps your mind engage:

If you are bored during your vacations, or you are at your work just finding time to read your favorite book is not only fun and entertaining but also engages your mind. Yes, Books do keep your mind engaged. You never know what you learn while reading. You develop good communication, new words, and most importantly you develop good patience. Keeping our minds engage while having fun is all that a good reader understands.


Tips while reading a book:

  • Remember to underline new words as discussed prior.
  • Star mark the column or the sentence which you find helpful.
  • Using paper clips and bookmarks is considered a good habit to be a good reader.
  • Use a highlighter to highlight the cream sentences throughout the book.
  • Keep revising what you have read.


Books are considered humans best friend, if you are going through bad times and couldn’t really understand that how can you overcome through it, then reading could solve your problem. Find some good libraries near you or buy a good book from any book store, or from any online store. Surprise you are a friend by gifting a book he/she always wanted to read.


Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything