Anxiety and movement

Anxiety is the brain’s way to inform that you are stressed. Stressed not about particularly something big and important, but maybe just about tomorrow. Sometimes it is a reaction to a past experience, sometimes it is because you are going to experience something for the first time and sometimes it is just hormonal. And the hormonal one is pretty common in adolescents. Another reason for anxiety might be that it is simply genetic. Genetic depression and anxiety have long been subject to clinical research.

Whatever the reason behind this unwanted fear and apprehension be, it is often paralysing. It takes away the brain’s capacity to deduce the right action at that point in time. And that is the most hated part about it. Because anxiety is probably one of the most natural of brain’s reactions and yet is one of the most decapacitating ones.

But the trouble is – we, as people must complete what we have to despite the anxiety we possess. And more importantly, we as people must let our mind stay healthy and hence not push that anxiety away by simply asking it to go away because we are too ‘privileged’ to have it.

So, what is the better way out? Well, perhaps, a constructive overwork on it – communication. Writing down a journal, drawing, music, watching a movie, reading a book etc. or simply speaking to someone. Communication is the better way to reduce anxiety.

Suppressing anxiety may lead to depression, over stressing and a sharp fall in productivity – maybe even some constructive thoughts might become seldom.

How to Cope With Anxiety and Depression | Everyday Health

So, as a note, accept your emotions and communicate. That is the better way through.