How to get up early in the morning(8:00am) - Quora

Rising up early not only gives a good start to your day but also make you more concentrated. Many of us want to wake up early in the morning but we can’t because of our laziness. We always make commitments at night that we will wake up early in the morning to complete our work but we can’t. And when we wake up late in the morning we feel lazy and dizzy which affect our work. We keep procrastinating our work saying that “I will start it fresh from tomorrow”. But the same thing happens tomorrow and we keep saying this phrase. This same thing happens every single day and we start questioning “What’s wrong with my life ?”.

This can be avoided if we wake up early in the morning. Some tips to wake up early in the morning are:

1.Get on a sleep schedule

Figure out how much hours of sleep you require to feel fresh and active in the morning.

2.Improve your bedtime routine

It is advised to sleep early in order to wake up early. Even if you can’t fall asleep early, try to sleep. You will become habitual of sleeping early if you continue.

3.Move your alarm to avoid hitting snooze

Keep your alarm away from your bed. If possible keep it in other room so that you have to walk to snooze it.

4.Eat better and get regular exercise

Eating lots of fruit and vegetables can help you getting good sleep. Regular exercise can keep you healthy and you will feel less lazy in the morning.