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Money Management

“Money” is a medium of economic exchange in which prices and values are expressed. It is very important to live a life. Just like the three basic units of life- “food, cloth and shelter”. Money is also can be said to be the basic unit as we can but food, […]

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The Hiroshima Day

people across the world – may it be Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, American, Russian, Israeli or North Korean(if they could read this) would agree that the rhetoric of a nuclear warfare is so blatant in these societies that a bunch of stupid people in the government can lead to a humanitarian and environmental crisis unprecedented in history.
The Hiroshima Day is a reminder of the powers of nature that man has been able to harness and the fact that these powers mean only more responsible behaviour is needed in all of us.

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Generation Gap

Maya Angelou quoted, “I’ve learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you’ll miss them when they’re gone from your life. ” It is indeed the truth. Lately I […]

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Anxiety and movement

Suppressing anxiety may lead to depression, over stressing and a sharp fall in productivity – maybe even some constructive thoughts might become seldom.

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