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The Need of Career Counselling in Today’s World.

What is counselling? Counselling is a general process of helping or guiding an individual to solve one’s personal or psychological problems. Counselling is usually done by someone who is a professional in that particular field and knows how to deal with human behavior,their personality and provide right direction to their […]

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Breaking Bad vs Prison Break

The greatest difficulty lies in answering this question. Everyone will have their perspective of opinions regarding these most popular series. It’s definitely a fight between two well written scripts. The […]

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The cover drive masters…

The cover drive is a special type of shot which requires fine wrist work and well-timed striking of ball to hit the ball into the cover-side area which is towards off side of batsmen. This shot is historically a famed one and the players who have mastered it are considered […]

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Road to success.

The road to success is never easy and never a straight one.It comes with a lot of failures and bad experiences.You have to deal with all sorts of confusion regarding your target or goal. Your friends and family try to advice you on the their level of perspective and you […]

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The Science of Sleeping

Sleep is essential for the living bodies. This relaxes our bodies and minds. But all sleeps are not same. You may feel more refreshed even after a 10-minute dozing off than after hours of rolling on bed! Quality of sleep matters more than the quantity of sleep. This happens due […]

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Yoga – The art of mind and soul.

Yoga is the mixture of physical, mental and spiritual practices and discipline which was originated in India. The most essential purpose of yoga is to bring together the body, mind and spirit into a whole. Yoga leads an individual to a healthy lifestyle, good eating habits, better mental attitude and […]

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