NATIONAL mean a person owing allegiance to and entitled to the protection of a sovereign state. CITIZEN is preferred for one owing allegiance to a state in which sovereign power is retained by the people and sharing in the political rights of those people.  the rights of a free citizen SUBJECT implies allegiance to a personal sovereign such as a monarch.  the king’s subjects NATIONAL designates one who may claim the protection of a state and applies especially to one living or traveling outside that state.

Dark season 3 review

If you are going to watch season 3 then definitely my writing will not effect your watch because no one cares to read this since everyone will be busy watching it. If you didn’t watch DARK then my writing definitely make you watch it. May be everyone will read it […]

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“Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”.It is basically a preventive approach to food safety which is used to find and then eliminate the biological, chemical and physical hazards which may or may not be there in production processes and can cause the final products to be unsafe and unhealthy for […]

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Last Sunday morning my father entered from balcony for lifting up his call he was looking annoyed after attending the call, when I enquired what was the reason he told me that he was dreaming and this telephone woke him up from the dream and brought him back to the […]

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