Persecution of Muslims

Persecution of Muslims is the religious and political persecution that is inflicted upon followers of the Islamic faith and/or those with a Muslim identity. This page lists incidents in which Muslim populations have been targeted for persecution by non-Muslim […]

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The heavy burden of social suffering!

The wretchedness the pandemic has caused to the helpless focuses to the repulsive manners by which social orders are composed. It is a cliché that enduring is a piece of life. Nobody, actually nobody, is excluded from it. A profound philosophical understanding of this case is given by the incomparable […]

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Antibacterial Chemotherapy refers to the use of any chemical or drug for the treatment of bacterial diseases. It is the part of antimicrobial chemotherapy.Antimicrobial chemotherapy can be divided into several branches on the basis of type of pathogen, for e.g.For bacterial pathogen – Antibacterial ChemotherapyFor viral pathogen – Antiviral ChemotherapyFor […]

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