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Yoga Policies and Programmes in Global Scanerio

Ongoing Pandemic has left with many physical and mental health issues; where we face constant on and off lockdowns. People suffering through financial hardship lead to an impact on their lifestyle and their work routine. Large population confronting Mental health issues, loneliness, constant fear of losing job, psychological suffering, anxiety […]

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Indian Independence Act of 1947

On February 20 1947, the British Prime Minister Clement Attlee declared that the British rule in India would end by June 30 1948 after which the power would be transferred to responsible Indian hands. This announcement was followed by the agitation by the Muslim League demanding partition of the country. […]

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Yog Guru Baba Ramdev

Swami Ramdev, popularly known as Baba Ramdev was born in 1965 in Alipur in the Mahendragarh district in the state of Haryana. He is famous for popularizing yoga among Indians through the medium of television and his mass yoga camps. Baba Ramdev is an Indian spiritual leader and a renowned yoga […]

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