Healthy Indian Snacks

It is so easy to pick junk – laden fried foods and sugar when hunger pangs and cravings take over. Here are some of healthy Indian snacks that are full of nutrients. 1. Makhana Makhana is low-calorie option that is full of nutrients like protein, potassium, fiber, iron and zinc. […]

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There may not be a single Indian who doesn’t love ‘Lay’s’. It is everyone’s favorite potato chips to snack on. But not many know how it began. It all started with this man. Herman Lay Herman Lay, a salesperson in Nashville, Tennessee, was the first to sell Lay’s on behalf […]

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Snacking healthy

 We often consider snacks “bad” because a lot of the time people only snack on unhealthy food. But, did you know snacks are as important as any other meals? Snacks if consumed correctly are a great source of energy and nutrients So, here are a few tips on how to […]

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