Weight Loss & Metabolism

Weight loss is of two types. Healthy And Unhealthy and most of the time the main concern of this generation is the body. They overlook the diet. For most of the people,weight loss means skipping meals and increasing exercises. This technique is rather an illogical and harmful way of loosing weight. We may end up loosing some pounds by following such techniques but we also gain fatigue,weakness,low immunity and no proper metabolism. Eating low calorie,less nutritious foods throughout the day without no proteins or intake of other vitamins,minerals and fibres can lower down our metabolism and if metabolism slows down it can cause a slower pace in achieving a healthy weight loss,severe constipation which can make us feel uneasy and a prolonged constipation can lead to a swelled up stomach or the development of stones which can cause jaundice and cancer.
Thus overlooking the metabolism while loosing weight can effect us in adverse way.

There are different ways of increasing metabolism for a healthy weight loss. First,before anything else,we should look after our digestive system. Easily digestible and healthy foods increase the digestion rate and thus enhances metabolism. Its easy to digest healthy foods and can easily provide us energy by breaking down at a faster pace and the calories from such foods are easier to burn. It is already said,a person who has a balanced diet with nutritious foods in it,they can easily loose weight if they follow a proper exercise and physical health routine. The body burns more calories while digesting proteins rather than fats or carbohydrates. Thus,to make the diet more healthier,we can add eggs,meat,fishes and beats in our diet.On the other hand,a person who has a disbalanced diet,concentrating on only one nutrient or comprising of just junk food will find it difficult to burn the calories and the extra fats.which gets stored in their bodies. Junk foods take longer time to break down and the calories they contain do not burn easily. This is how a proper diet leads to a proper digestive system which in turn stimulates better metabolism which helps in weight loss. We may also added vitamin B1,B2 and B6 as they are equally important for increasing metabolic rate

The body is a machine. If it’s not active,it gets rusted. A balanced diet cannot help unless there is a presence of a PROPER exercise routine. Even if for half an hour,high intensity workouts help to burn the calories and steadies the metabolism rate. Full body exercises,stretches and basic exercuses for the abdominal muscles can be a good start for the beginners.
Increasing metabolism is not possible if the consumption of calories is more than the calories which get burned but sometimes even after trying alot our metabolism may not increase. It can be due to presence of any diseases in our body like hypothyroidism. In such a case,diet and exercises should be decided after consulting a doctor.
Building muscles does not only makes our body look fitter and more attractive but it also has many hidden benefits. People with more muscles have a better metabolism rate as one pound of muscles uses 6 calories to sustain whereas each pound of fat uses 2 calories. Thus,muscle training can help us to a great extent to burn fats and engance the metabolism rate. But however,aerobic exercises are equally useful.

And the major ingredient to a better health?drink lots of water. Water doesn’t just calm our thirst but also our body. People who drink 8-9 glasses of water have a good metabolism rate as calories need water to be processed and burn. Water is important for digestion. If our body is dehydrated,the process kf metabolism slows down. Thus,to increase the metabolism rate one should nwver underestimate the power of water. The best part is water doesn’t have much calories but helps to burn hundreds of calories. Drinking water before and after every meal will help the body to break down the food easily while keeping us hydrated. Cucumbers,tomatoes and other such vegetables and fruits with high water content can also be consumed to boost up our calorie burning capacity.

Last but not the least,never cheat on sleep. When sleeping our body produces a hormone named ghrelin(increases hunger)and releases less of the hormone reption(helps a person to feel full). Thus,enough sleep balances the hormones and prevents overeating