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In the real world, we are learning new things every day and improving our decision-making skills on the basis of successful decisions in the past. Isn’t this human learning? If we now use computers to fully automate this process, what will it be? This will be machine learning. Everyday applications […]

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GST which stands for Goods and Services tax

Definition and meaning Goods and services tax is an indirect tax which is levied by government on taxable value of goods, services or both were supplied by persons. It is a value added tax which is charged in every stage of supply. Goods and services tax came into force in […]

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Book Reviews

The Books are of  knowledge oceans, from every book we learn some thing new and to improve our knowledge and build our personality BOOK Defination   we all know that a lot of English words come from ancient Latin – that’s because the Romans occupied England for almost five hundred […]

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How to start coding? Part-2

This article is in continuation to How to start coding part-1. So now you have decided which programming language to choose from to starting coding. But here comes the tricky part, learning. There are again tons of resources available to learn from. But it is not humanly possible to scrap […]

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Web Development

Web development is a method of providing site structure and maintenance and this is work done in the background, intending to keep the site look good, running quickly, and performing well with consistent customer interactions. Web developers use various programming dialects to do this. The dialect used depends on the […]

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How to start coding? Part-1

To begin with coding, you need to first learn a programming language. A computer can’t learn the human language. A computer only understands that is in the form of 0’s or 1’s i.e binary language. So to communicate with the computer, you need to learn its language. Programming language is […]

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