NATIONAL mean a person owing allegiance to and entitled to the protection of a sovereign state. CITIZEN is preferred for one owing allegiance to a state in which sovereign power is retained by the people and sharing in the political rights of those people.  the rights of a free citizen SUBJECT implies allegiance to a personal sovereign such as a monarch.  the king’s subjects NATIONAL designates one who may claim the protection of a state and applies especially to one living or traveling outside that state.

Should we fear the Moral Police

Freedom is being You without anyone’s permission Anonymous Moral police is an umbrella category of vigilante groups which act to enforce a code of morality in India. Some of India’s laws, and some actions of police forces in India are also considered to be instances of moral policing.The target of moral policing is any activity that vigilante […]

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PUBG banned in India.

UBG Mobile has been the center of the gaming news in India ever since the ban on September 2, 2020. As previously noted, ever since the ban, Google and Apple have removed the game from their app stores. In fact, Android and iOS smartphone gamers can only install the game if they had previously installed the game. Previous game installs mean that the game is still associated with their Google or Apple ID. This ban came just weeks after PUBG Corp teased the launch of its major 1.0 version. It is also worth noting that PUBG Mobile players can still play the game in India.

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  Every year on 5th September India observes Teacher’s Day. This is a day marked with some remarkably enthusiastic celebrations at various educational institutions. But this has been now replaced by […]

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Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi

Rajiv Gandhi was the former Prime Minister of India. He became the 6th and the youngest Prime Minister of India at the age of 40. He attended college in the United Kingdom and returned as a professional pilot to India in 1966. He stayed out of politics and led a domestic life with his wife and two children in Delhi.

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Women in Politics

Compared to the past, we now witness that there has been strengthening of women’s participation in all spheres of life as a major discourse of economic and social development in the last few decades. Many international and bilateral development agencies have proclaimed policies to integrate women better into social and […]

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GST and Federalism

The multiplicity of taxes at the state and central levels resulted in a complex indirect tax structure in the country that is ridden with hidden costs for trade and industry. It is to simplify this very indirect tax structure that the government has attempted several tax policy reforms at different […]

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