Personality and Self Help

On the eve of each new year, people commit to making lifestyle changes they believe will usher in personal satisfaction and happiness. But while an entire industry exists to help people meet these pressing goals.

5 Ways to overcome low self-esteem

Do you often find your friends or your colleagues better than yourself? Do you often end up criticising yourself on baseless points and land up depressed? Well, this happens to many because of their low self-esteem.Some of the ways to boost and assist you overcome your low self-esteem are as […]

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Ways to find the real “YOU”

The most important journey of our lives is discovering who we truly are. Have you ever asked yourself- Who you are?Well, if you didn’t then ask yourself today and try to find your answer !     Finding yourself may additionally sound like an inherently self-centered goal, however it is simply an […]

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5 Simple ways to practice self-love

Do you often hate yourself for the things you have done in the past or for who you are as a person today? Well, self-love is something that doesn’t come instantly, you will have to focus on all the good features and characteristics of yourself to truly love being ‘YOU’ […]

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6 Ways to improve the quality of your life

What is the first thing that cross your mind while thinking about improving the quality of your life? Well, most people would link the increase in one’s income or making more money as the sole solution to improve one’s life. But money alone cannot bring a change in the quality […]

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5 Ways to not lose hope

Do you often feel hopeless and see no light at the end of the tunnel? Well, everybody feels that, at some point of their life. None’s life is perfect, but we should keep thriving to make one. Everybody gets hit by adversity at times, when it becomes difficult to search […]

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Staying single forever by choice

A relatively large number of people in Western societies are single; that is, they are not involved in any romantic relationship. That actually couldn’t be further from the truth, however. There’s so much value in being single that people often overlook, when we should be embracing and appreciating it instead. When […]

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