Personality and Self Help

On the eve of each new year, people commit to making lifestyle changes they believe will usher in personal satisfaction and happiness. But while an entire industry exists to help people meet these pressing goals.

Benefits of Yoga In Life

Yoga offers both physical and mental benefits to people of all ages. Also, if you are experiencing illness, surgery, or chronic illness, yoga can be an important part of your […]

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Who I am and Why I’m here

Hey there, I am Disha Mitra, currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Molecular Biology, Biophysics and Bioinformatics from the University of Calcutta. I did my graduation in Microbiology and am a keen lover of the subject biology. I like reading and writing during my past-time. I am totally an introvert […]

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Boundaries to be Unstoppable.

Do you sometimes find yourself burned, depressed and tired because of the lack of boundaries in your life? What are the consequences for your overall well-being and productivity? Read my blog post to see how setting healthy boundaries will help you. First of all, saying ‘no’ to people when you […]

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Dream Board Value for Success

The vision board, also known as the dream board, is a great tool to help you remember the goals of life. Use it to succeed, to work for your desires and efforts. In this blog post, I will highlight 10 reasons for the comments board that covers your success. The […]

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Relaxation Techniques

Do you need to rest? Everyone does it. At least occasionally… Hectic lifestyles are very common. While you are dealing with life situations, relaxation methods are here to support you, […]

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True Happiness

What does it mean to be truly happy?Happiness is essential to life. It’s important and it’s important. Most people can do anything… But what is real happiness? Here are some […]

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