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No doubt that everyone wants to remain fit and healthy . Food and nutrition play a very vital role in our growth and development . These are helpful for maintaining good health . The requirement of nutrition is essential for every individual but it is indispensable for the individuals who actively participate in games and sports . With the help of appropriate nutrition , sportsperson can enhance their performance . Even some supplements are also required to provide proper nutrition to sportsperson.

Meaning of a Balance Diet

A balanced diet refers to the intake of edibles which can provide all the essential food constituents necessary for growth and maintenance of the body , in definite amount in which they are required by the body .A balanced diet means eating the right amount of foods from all food groups .

A diet which consists of all the essential food constituents , viz., protiens , carbohydrates , fats , vitamins , minerals and water in correct proportion is called a balanced diet.”

In other words , ” Balanced diet is that diet which contains of various constituents of food in accurate and appropriate quantity and quality according to the requirement of an individual .”

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In fact , every individual does not require same type of diet . The diet differs from individual to individual . The following points sum up a balanced diet .

  1. A balanced diet must contain all the essential constituents in adequate amount
  2. There must be definite proportion between the different constituents of food .
  3. The food should be easily digestible .
  4. Cooking of food is necessary because it sterilizes foodstuff and makes it palatable and easily digestible.