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Different people have different points of view regarding fitness . For a common man to have a good physique is a symbol of physical fitness . For a doctor , the proper functioning of physiological systems is physical fitness . In fact , physical fitness is a simple term with a broad meaning . Physical fitness of a common person means the capacity to do the routine work without any fatigue or exertion and after doing his work he has power to do some more work with quick recovery . Physical fitness is more than the possession of strength and endurance . It means having the best possible health with the capacity to do one’s everyday task , engage in recreational pursuits and meet emergencies , when they arise . As a matter of fact , physical fitness is possessed by that individual , who remains enthusiast , works cheerfully and does the emergency work with vigour . Physical fitness implies a relation between the task to be performed and the individual’s capability to perform it .in fact , to understand the physical fitness in better way , it would be more beneficial to go through the following definitions of physical fitness .

  • According to Webster’s Encyclopaedia , “ It is the ability of a person to do daily routine work without fatigue ; moreover to participate in playful activities and still reserve enough capacity to meet any emergency .
  • According to Don Hoskins ,”The human body’s ability to move with the desired speed , balance , agility and strength gained through proper exercise and nutrition , “
  • According to Kroles , “Successful adaption to the stresses of one’s lifestyle.”
  • According to David R. Lamb , “Physical fitness is the capacity to meet the present and potential physical challenges of life with success .”

In fact , it can be said that physical fitness is the ability to function effectively and efficiently , enjoy leisure , be healthy , resist disease and cope with the emergency situations . Physical fitness varies according to the nature of work , individual’s size , shape of the body , age and sex . For physical fitness , we require an efficient motor mechanism , efficient organic mechanism and an efficient mental functioning .