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Ambreen Sadaf SA

I'm a practical person who believes in practicality rather than dwelling in hypothetical situations. I'm honest, diligent & occasionally witty.

Right to Equality (Article 14-18)

As a citizen of India, we know that our constitution has endowed us with factual rights but very few of us know about it in the depth, can’t say if it is ignorance or lack of awareness among people. Let us know about Article 14 It says that the State […]

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It’s about Economy-Union Budget

The term Budget can be explained as an annual statement of the government’s estimations of income and expenditure. The Constitution of India does not use the world Budget, instead, it uses the term Annual Financial Statement. Under Art.112 of the Constitution, the President shall in respect of every financial year […]

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She could be the biggest weapon, if you have you can conquer the world, She could be the greatest achievement if you’ve her you’ve got almost everything, She could be the biggest loss, if you lose her you’ve lost everything, She could be the healing while you’re injured, She could […]

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Let us know about the national security council. The Security Council bears the primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. It is designed to be UN’s only action agency and is often described as the enforcement wing of the UN. The Security Council originally consisted of eleven […]

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A state of being alone is what we’ve understood about Solitude.Is it true? Does the meaning of solitude is only about being isolated,becoming an introvert or it has another viewpoint too. We’re humans & it is said that we’re social animal,we need some connections we need relations in our lives […]

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The story revolves around a boy whose a expeditious effort saved everyone from being in a huge challenge. One fine afternoon a Dutch boy was off his duty. He took his afternoon tea and went to have a walk along the dykes which kept the sea from the low lands. […]

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The Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus Valley Civilization is one of the world’s oldest civilization.It is popularly known as Harappan Civilization because the first territory to be carved was ‘Harappa’ in the year 1921 under the oversight of Daya Ram Sahni. The extent of this civilization: In the west is up to Sutkagendor in […]

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Human & Environment

“Food, Clothe, and Shelter” we all have been told that these are the basic requirements of an individual’s survival but have not we ever thought what is the basic requirement for existence? Isn’t the air we breathe in? Isn’t it the environment we dwell in? Environment sheltered us, provided atmosphere […]

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Jealousy-A weapon or a curse?

We all are familiar with the term jealousy but what is it exactly? In general words ,it is a feeling developed in an individual for another which acts as a hindrance that doesn’t allow smooth functioning between the two.We knew this, right? But what are the causes, perks, and cons, […]

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