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A book review is a thorough description, critical analysis, and/or evaluation of the quality, meaning, and significance …

Book Reviews

TOPICS OF BOOK REVIEWS:- * Goodreads * LibraryThing * Reedsy Discovery * LoveReading * The Millions * A Promised Land * Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland * Luster * The Tenant of Wildfell Hall * Uncanny Valley 1. Goodreads:- Review Styles: star rating, community reviews It’s impossible not to mention Goodreads […]

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Web Development

Web development is a method of providing site structure and maintenance and this is work done in the background, intending to keep the site look good, running quickly, and performing well with consistent customer interactions. Web developers use various programming dialects to do this. The dialect used depends on the […]

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Ah, Heidi, that brings light to the heart! What comfort you have brought me! Peter’s Grandmother in ‘Heidi’ (Johanna Spyri) Heidi is a child who warms the heart of each and everyone she meets, be it the beautiful characters she meets and interacts with or the readers who only meet […]

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The Midnight Circus- A confusing wonder

The Midnight Circus is a 2011 historical fantasy by Erin Morgenstern and revolves around the lives of Celia Bowen and Marco Alisdair. Set in Victorian-era London, the book follows a magic duel between the apprentice of Prospero the Enchanter and Mr. Alexander. The duel is intended to be a test […]

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