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Gen Alpha

The successors of Gen Z (1997-2012), the youngest adults currently, the gen Alpha were welcomed to the earth about a decade ago. The gen Alpha (or the gen A) comprises […]

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The Rock cycle

Look at all the rocks around you. They are a very important part of your existence, they form soils, are used in construction, for manufacturing substances, making medicines, cosmetics and […]

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All of us have looked at the clouds. Many of them appear white, sometimes fluffy, sometimes as thin as a wisp, sometimes black. Based on the color of clouds, we […]

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Letting Go

Giving up is not the part where one never tries but the part where one realizes that he or she or they are done trying – to their best. And it is not a sign of cowardice but a very healthy exercise when giving up is accompanied by letting go.

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Knowing the Indian Ocean

After the Pacific and the Atlantic, let’s move onto the Indian ocean Hope you remember the acronym- PAISA Pacific Atlantic Indian Southern Antarctic These oceans are arranged in the decreasing […]

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Noise Pollution- Causes, Effects & more

Noise is usually defined as unwanted sound or a sound without value that causes discomfort to the listener. Noise is usually measured in units of decibels and is denoted by dB. 1. On human beings:- • Mental health Exposure to intense levels of noise can cause personality changes and violent […]

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