Entrepreneurship is the ability and readiness to develop, organize and run a business enterprise, along with any of its uncertainties in order to make a profit. The most prominent example of entrepreneurship is the starting of new businesses.

Instagram Business And Its Secrets

World is a five letter word holding entire adventures within it. Instagram is just another world and it is flourishing as one of the top social media platforms. A gallery of smiles, luxurious outings, good moments and pretentious good moments of a million of people, the application also serves as […]

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Information technology is the use of computer to create, process, store, and exchange all kinds of electronic data and information. IT is typically used within the context of business operation as opposed to personal or entertainment technologies. Here I came with top five most-valuable information technology in India 1) TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES Tata Consultancy Services is a […]

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Thoughts Are Yours But Not YOU

Thoughts do not define you. Isn’t it sounding dumb? Let’s introduce you to a new perspective. Most of the humans inhabit in themselves a computer which runs in accordance to the instructions. It goes without saying which part of a human it is. It is none other than our brain. […]

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How to grow your Instagram!

Are you someone who struggles with low Instagram traffic? Do you want to grow your business with Instagram? Well if you are someone who is using Instagram just to pass time and for entertainment then this article is not for you. But if you are a small business owner or […]

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Anteambulo – The Key To Knowledge

In ancient roman period there existed a practice about which few know today. The businessmen and other influential people acted as patrons for painters and writers in return of something which required more than their artistry. They acted as ‘Anteambulo’. The term literally translates to ‘clearing the path’. The artists […]

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