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Studying for long hours is only beneficial if done in the proper way. If you are not studying in the right manner, it is a certainty that all those hours would not lead to desired results. By tweaking your studying techniques backed by research project you’ll improve the standard of […]

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Clarity in confusion

If there is no clarity in confusion then there should be no confusion in clarity. If it is not clear that doesn’t mean it is not clear that meant to confuse you to make it appear as a confusion.If you think it as a confusion it definitely becomes as a […]

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Why are cats the best pets in the world?

To start off the appearance of cats are much attractive than any other pets, they are less likely to cause trouble and they are less expensive as Compared to the other pets and also require less maintenance. If you have kids the best option to have a pet would be […]

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Working from Home

By- Rohit Kumar Pandey   Working from home — some people love it, other people hate it. Regardless of which camp you fall into, you’re likely spending an increased amount […]

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