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Social impact of Covid 19 :-

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the disease itself and efforts to quarantine it, including political, cultural, and social implications. pandemic on politics :-A number of provincial-level administrators of the Communist Party of China (CPC) were dismissed over their handling of the quarantine efforts in Central China, a sign […]

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Is US economy hit the worst?

We are all aware that this pandemic has hit our lives and economies badly. But how bad is it and what’s the truth? 1. India’s GDP is the worst performer. 2 . US is the worst performing economy. Reality behind these headlines. The ADVANCE gross domestic product showed that in […]

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Online Classes

Our country is going through a dangerous pandemic which has disrupted the academy year, cancelled classes and examinations. To run the education system smoothly through this difficult time Government have started a new class system that is Online classes. Online classes are now playing a vital role in the student […]

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VIRGINITY-NOT a definition of character!…

It was arranged marriage, a doctor guy marring an engineer girl, both were modern enough as they studied in metro cities. After all the rituals, it was time for their first night. White bedsheets decorated with roses were arranged in their room. When both were entering in the room, aunt […]

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An Anonymous Feeling

Yes it’s a weird topic but according to today’s situation we need to discuss this feeling ,the feeling of Being alone in a room full of people,feeling of not being loved,feeling of getting ignored,feeling of being stupid about things ..but do we really need these feelings? And if by any […]

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