“Stop Worrying and Start Living” – Dale Carnegie – Book review

Dale Carnegie’s how to stop worrying and start living so the first big idea is ask yourself what’s the worst thing that can happen I remember the first year in college constantly worrying about my grades what was I getting to do if I got a B+ rather than an […]

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What we don’t know about Ocean?

Ocean cover 70 % of Earth’s surface and still we human know more about the surface of the mars than Earth’s oceans,but just about time scientist our making progress but there is still lot of work in targeting the fully-mapping of Earth’s Ocean.The Seabed 2030 Project launched in 2017 have […]

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5 Weird Countries In The World

Among 195 countries , Each and every country have some type of oddity .It can be anything weird rules and regulation followed by any country or some countries with mysterious place or, the way a nation came to existence ,Or Country that bounded their citizens to live their life in […]

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