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Review and Revisit to Avatar before the Release of Avatar 2

James Cameron took fifteen years in making the movie Avatar. This is the highest-grossing movie ever made by Cameron, the director, the scripter. It comprehends human conditioning in 2151. Director […]

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celebrate not just a day but life full of yoga

Yoga: understanding fundamentals Yoga is a group of spiritual,mental and physical practices originated in ancient India. the modern yoga is seen as exercise to the body which mainly consists of postures or asanas. The practice of yoga has been thought to date back to pre-vedic Indian traditions; possibly in the Indus valley civilization around […]

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PLANNING- process and importance

WHAT IS PLANNING?????Planning is a common term which focuses on pre deciding the things which we have to do later. Not only deciding the things but also planning includes thinking of the ways by which we can complete a particular plan successfully. It is an important parameter of the management […]

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Lin Dan Retires.

China’s two-time Olympic badminton champion Lin Dan announced his retirement in a social media post on Saturday (July 4), thanking his family and fans. The news means that the 36-year-old, […]

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