Delhi’s mismanaged fight with Corona virus

Corona virus or as its scientifically referred as Covid-19 has brought the world to its knees. How it got here, who is responsible, when will the vaccine be created and many other questions regarding to it are up to debate. However, one thing that is definitely the need of the […]

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A tale of misuse of power

These days the age-old quote might makes right, rings true throughout the world. In every nation, the vile fruit of corruption has ripened. We have recently seen, protests about the massive misuse of power police have done in the US. However, it is not the case in just America, but […]

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Cyclone Nisarga : Another fear factor

It’s not been even two weeks since the coasts of West Bengal and Orissa are hit by the Amphan cyclone. We are moving ahead towards facing another deadly cyclone but on the western coast. Nisarga cyclone is going to hit the Maharashtra coast on Wednesday which is moving in its […]

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