Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits.

Warning, these readings may contain educational heresy

Readings for creative teachers  Saturday 11th May 1980 Bruce and I have long left the ‘chalkface’ but we still have a passion for an education system that is based on democratic classrooms that focus on developing the gifts and talents of all students. Sadly most classrooms are neither democratic (valuing the identity, […]

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Jo Boaler and math education and inquiry learning

 Jo Boaler: Math teaching is about  developing positive attitudes towards the subject  Educational Reading Friday 20 April 1980 Easter Friday Holidays are a time to catch your breath and to think about how to make teaching better for both teachers and students. Allan and I are no longer involved in teaching […]

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The need to identify and share teacher expertise

Educational Readings 6th April 1980 The need to identify and share teacher expertise We’ve always believed that the real experts in education are those that actually do it. Obviously such teachers gain support from those distant from the classroom but if it doesn’t happen in the classroom it doesn’t happen. […]

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Time to place creativity central to learning

Education Readings By Allan Alach The new term is underway we wonder how many schools, now that the National Standards have gone, have begun the vital transformation to place the 2007 New Zealand Curriculum centre stage and, as part of this shift, have re-imagined literacy and numeracy as ‘foundation skills’ […]

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Activities to start the school year

Beginning the year in style Teaching is one profession where there is no shallow end.  From day one you are presented with up to thirty plus young individuals for you to shape into a learning community; and every class community will be different. Even experienced teachers have  No shallow end for […]

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