Personality and Self Help

On the eve of each new year, people commit to making lifestyle changes they believe will usher in personal satisfaction and happiness. But while an entire industry exists to help people meet these pressing goals.

5 hobbies to develop this summer

Getting bored in the summer heat? Or you simply want to catch a break from a monotonous life? Well, its summer time and there is no better season to pick up some new hobbies and skills to add to the feathers in your cap. Here are 5 things you can […]

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Why should one get enough sleep?

We all need sleep, get most of us take it for granted by staying up for  long hours at night watching a screen or blocking the brain with caffeine and other harmful drugs . Many people do not get enough quality sleep, and this can affect their health, well-being, and […]

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Explaining Autism

There are many people around us of different age groups that are either diagnosed or have underlying symptoms of autism. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by challenges with social communication, and by restricted and repetitive behaviours. is now considered part of the wider autism spectrum. People with autism have […]

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What is PTSD?

Most of us go through a frightening episode that we come out of without any damage or long term effects. But a large number of people exist who suffer the aftermath of a traumatic experience in unhealthy that puts pressure on one’s mental health. This condition, where negative thoughts interfere […]

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Summertime is the most awaited time of any student’s life. It gives them a break from the scorching sun and blazing heat. The summer months are quite hot, however, students love them because they bring a sense of calmness due to the vacations. It frees them from the monotonous and […]

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Let bygones be bygones..

Everywhere, everytime what we observe is nothing more than the unhappy moments. Or may be we have become habitual of seeing everything in negative perspective. Just ask someone, “how’s life going on”, & you will get the replies like these, “Ok”, “Not good”, “Bad”, “It’s just going on, don’t ask […]

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