Businesses that are majorly affected!!!

In the pandemic situation where the world seeks a miracle of vaccines, there are many business that came to halt or even they are going to be shut soon. Currently the major task of ours is to stop the spreading of corona virus. It is wisely said “If there is […]

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Will India have SUPERPOWERS like USA?

The world is almost ruled by powerful countries like USA, China, Japan, Russia etc. and its none of the wonder that developed countries are helping as well as exploiting the developing countries. Developing countries like India, Pakistan, Srilanka and many more… are mostly dependent on the developed countries, but the […]

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“Marvel” Mania

Marvel(studios) movies are a favourite amongst almost all age groups. Be it the characterization of the super heroes whom we hero worship and are die hard fans of the heroes or be it the creativity and the animation or the fact that they invoke amongst us all emotions which strengthens […]

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