Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits.

Where have all the promotions gone ?

Many men of this blogger’s vintage are seriously challenged when it comes to matters of fashion. This blogger is a card carrying member of the tribe who behaves like this when it comes to clothes – A few shirts and a few trousers, all looking very similar, hang in the closet – […]

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Wallowing in Nostalgia

This blogger has reached a stage in life where he often turns nostalgic. Ahhh – the good old days … Sigh … Today it was nostalgia in ads. All from about 40 years ago. Colour television had not yet come to India (it came with the Asian Games of 1982). […]

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Amazon vs Walmart in India

The war for the future of the retail trade in the world is going to be fought in India. It has happened by default, but happen it nevertheless has. The irony hasn’t struck the policymakers in India as yet – they of the medieval dinosaur disposition of still not allowing […]

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ECI to establish a Visiting Chair on Interdisciplinary Approach to Electoral Studies in memory of former CEC Sh T N Seshan

To commemorate and celebrate Sh T N Seshan’s special connect with the young and aspiring India, Election Commission of India has decided to establish and fund a Visiting chair on interdisciplinary approach to Electoral Studies in the Centre for Curriculum Development at India international institute of Democracy and Election Management( IIIDEM ), New […]

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