News Analysis

Our daily news analysis consists of two parts – Daily News and Important Editorials. We cover Daily News by choosing the most relevant topics from a number of newspapers like The Hindu, Livemint, The Indian Express etc. plus a variety of national and international news websites like PIB, BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN etc. All news items are properly highlighted, bulletised and tagged for easy reading and research. Sometimes we also include relevant infographics and diagrams in these news items. Similarly, for Important Editorials we rely on very trustworthy sources – though mostly national, like The Hindu and Livemint – for our daily cover. We keep editorials as short and precise as it would permit. We also bulletise certain points of importance to make the articles more presentable.

Human – The Monsters

After the recent incident, where a pregnant elephant died in Kerala after a fruit filled with firecrackers burst in her mouth, triggered nation-wide outrage, a video of a pregnant cow […]

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Re-evolution 2020?

Why did I end up keeping a question mark at the end of the title? Is it in order to start my introduction with a question mark by questioning the title or which made me to write this sentence. The answer to this question is a question. Indian Education Future […]

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Corona Vaccine Update!!!

The situation in the world are very worse and so our hope for vaccine also. Scienticts are trying hard and hard to discover the vaccine. Scientist and pharma industry from all over the world are in danger in terms of health and wealth. Here are some updates related to corona […]

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Designer masks: the new fashion statement

If we have to live with a face mask in the foreseeable future, let it be a designer one. Luxury brands to corporate fashion, artisanal communities to even turban designers are redefining the face mask into a fashion accessory, albeit one that follows all the norms of WHO safety protocols. […]

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