One more attack = Indo-China WAR!!!

The relation between Indian and Chinese army are now being worse. India holds a record of never attacking any of the army first till date. Many near by countries think that India is weak and cannot attack first, but this is our spirituality and religion to avoid any fight, but […]

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Importance of INTERNSHIPS for college students!!!

In the world full of competitors to be successful student/businessman etc. should have a different approach. They need do things which have already less participants. It would be best if none of the competitors are present, it doesn’t mean you have to do very odd thing. Everyone needs a better […]

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Master plan of China- DISCLOSED!!!

The life after the pandemic situation will not be normal again as this pandemic situation is also not normal. Knowingly or unknowingly the virus developed in China (according to news) created the biggest impact in the health and economic sector of the world. Nobody knows how much time will it […]

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