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Kaleshwaram project

Hello guys!! Today I am going to give you guys an insight about a very hot and trending topic “The kaleshwaram project”. This project is a multi purpose irrigation project […]

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Warli paintings

Hello guys!! Have you guys ever heard about warli painting?even if you don’t know it’s name I think many of you can recognise the paintings ,they are present almost on […]

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Bathukamma festival

Hello guys !!! Iam going to write about bathukamma festival today. This festival takes place in Telangana,and some parts of Andhra Pradesh. Bathukamma is a floral festival celebrated every year.It […]

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Start from down and reach the up

Hello guys, today’s topic is going to be very informative. “Start up ” have you ever heard of thisWord before? Even if you have never heard of the word start up many of us actually heard about those startups which are doing fantastic . Start ups are the newly established […]

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World social media day

Hello guys!! Do you know we celebrate world social media day on June 30 th.Today is a very special day cause today is the day we celebrate the evolution of media from old times till now to the present social media, which made communication lot more easier,accessible,accurate. Social media is […]

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Flawless flowers

The beautiful flower that blooms overnight, at morning it is definitely a beautiful sight. “Flowers are nature’s gift, a gift which is inimitable.” Flowers can be of various types various […]

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