Politics vs India

Will you imagine the world without politics? The terminology of politics has its origin in the Greek term ‘polis’ which means city-state. A number of city-states like Athens, Sparta existed in ancient Greece where polity touched every aspect of social life is it education, occupation, organizations, culture, etc. Later on, […]

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Bama’s Karukku: A Book Review

“But Dalits have also understood that God is not like this, has not spoken like this. They have become aware that they too were created in the likeness of God. There is a new strength within them, urging them to reclaim that likeness which has been repressed, ruined, and obliterated; and to begin to live with honour and respect and love of all humankind. To my mind, that alone is true devotion.”

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More about my family

When I composed yesterday’s post, I got so excited sharing the history of my family that I forgot part of what I wanted to say. Here it is: This month I have been posting historic family pictures on FaceBook each day. Sometimes it’s a single picture, sometimes it’s two or […]

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