Meditation: A happy pill to your life

In our lives we are surrounded by a lot of tensions of our career, of our studies and recently we are really stressed about global pandemic (Covid-19). So in this stressful time, it is necessary to keep your mind and body, calm and healthy. So one of the best way […]

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Importance of INTERNSHIPS for college students!!!

In the world full of competitors to be successful student/businessman etc. should have a different approach. They need do things which have already less participants. It would be best if none of the competitors are present, it doesn’t mean you have to do very odd thing. Everyone needs a better […]

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Will India have SUPERPOWERS like USA?

The world is almost ruled by powerful countries like USA, China, Japan, Russia etc. and its none of the wonder that developed countries are helping as well as exploiting the developing countries. Developing countries like India, Pakistan, Srilanka and many more… are mostly dependent on the developed countries, but the […]

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