Personality and Self Help

On the eve of each new year, people commit to making lifestyle changes they believe will usher in personal satisfaction and happiness. But while an entire industry exists to help people meet these pressing goals.

It’s just a bad day,not a bad life

My name hasn’t been shortlisted for the final round of an interview in a reputed company while many of my friends got selected. To be frank I am not at all happy and trying to be happy because if I try to be sad then I can’t be happy. I […]

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Why Affirmations Don’t Work, and Sometimes They Do

Why Affirmations Don’t Work, and Sometimes They DoWhy Affirmations WorkWhy Affirmations Don’t WorkIf you repeat an affirmation, with which you’re not in agreement with, there could be some subconscious resistance, which may defeat the affirmation. When there’s low self-esteem, or when in difficult situations, the mind thinks on the present […]

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Closing in Generation Gap

Do you often have arguments with your family members, especially the older ones? Do you think that they don’t understand you or you don’t understand them? If yes, then the reason is the difference in mindsets between an older person and a younger person which is called age gap or […]

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