Feeling intresting in uninterested

I don’t know what made me to listen to my online class today. Intrest is not what you feel, it’s what you think. Intrest in something that I thought to be intresting only makes me feel intrested in something that I already feel intrested. Intresting is not always interesting but […]

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Alpha Femme Keto Genix

“The greatest wealth is health”. Being healthy means an overall sense of wellbeing; it includes feeling fit physically, mentally and emotionally. Obesity and overweight are two such issues which affect a person in all three areas. Excessive weight not only makes you less confident, it also is a threat to […]

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Everyone will die someday

We came alone, we die alone, atleast try to live together. If we can’t die together, atleast try to live together.Live the life the way you want. Go make your life. Become the creators of your life.Who are we to stop it? The way you willed your life will not […]

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