Personality and Self Help

On the eve of each new year, people commit to making lifestyle changes they believe will usher in personal satisfaction and happiness. But while an entire industry exists to help people meet these pressing goals.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Mostly we all dislike something about ourselves. It might be small eyes, crooked nose, an uneven smile, etc. But these all don’t bother us nor even hampers our daily lifestyle. […]

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Stop Running and face it

Having to have isn’t having. Try hard to have what you want. Escaping is not a solution because everytime the only thing you do is keep running. Stop for a while if you wanna stop forever. The solution isn’t escaping, it’s facing it. Afraiding for a while is so much […]

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Life is Beautiful

Once a man asked his life “what do you want? You want to be happy or sad, face the struggles of life or just sit at home and live a lavish life? His life answered, live with me the way you want, I am beautiful in every way, I will […]

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Heading for INTERVIEWS!

Many of us come up with a situation when we are uneasy or nervous before facing an interview. Considering an interview round as just an interaction strategy makes it much easier rather than considering it as a test session. However, the job interview generally comes before the hiring decision.  The […]

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Covid-19 vaccine updates:Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin to start phase-1 human trials,Sinovac Biotech of China in phase-3 human trials.

New covid-19 vaccine Covaxin has improved hopes of Indians after the successful trials on monkey. It is now all set to start phase-1 human trials approved by ICMR. For the Human trials of India’s indigenous Covid19 vaccine COVAXIN, 12 hospitals are selected. They will enrol participants this month, samples of Bharat Biotech’s […]

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Gratitude!! This word itself shows positive vibe. It simply means counting up on our blessings rather than ruminating on the condemnation. It is the one and only overlook tools and  […]

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